Comfort Blanket: a playlist to unwind to

You know it well: you've carved out time in your day to relax and unwind. Maybe you're practicing yoga, reading a book or kicking back on the sofa. And then the background distractions kick in: the washing machine telling you it's done and children, housemates, partners flitting around the house.

My favourite way to immerse myself in what I've made space for (and let's be honest, to not leave halfway through to pick up something else) is through music. Whether relaxing, moving or working, the right playlist can lift me up and spur me to stay focused. I spend more time than I probably should on Spotify curating playlists to suit my mood or motivation.

Here's a playlist filled with soothing melodies and comforting tones that I love. It's 90 minutes long, which makes it good company for yin or restorative yoga, or enjoy just as it is. Shut the door, close your eyes, turn the volume up and press play.

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