Classes at the Yoga Loft

Tuesday's 8-9pm

A soothing and calming class that incorporates both restorative and yin yoga practices to create a relaxing and nourishing environment for body and mind. Ease tension in the body and allow your mind to drift into stillness. No prior experience of yoga is required.


Wednesday's 12-1pm
A class that moves slowly and gently through the foundations of yoga. A perfect place for those newer to yoga, but all levels are welcome to take part and deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. No experience of yoga required.


Thursday's 5.15-6.15pm
An energetic, fast-paced class that uses breath-led and playful movement to build strength, balance and flexibility. These all-level classes are accessible to everyone: variations are offered to enable you to practice depending on your energy and experience levels. If you’d like to work on total-body fitness whilst cultivating a mindful approach to movement, this is the class for you.

Drop in class price: £10; scroll down for class pass offers.



The Yoga Loft

5 Earsdon Road


NE25 9SX

Free parking available in the carpark on Cauldwell Avenue


Class passes & subscriptions

Commit to results. I'm a firm believer that if you want to feel & move better a regular, consistent practice is fundamental. 







5 class pass

Purchase 5 classes for £40, to save you digging out your calculator, that's £8 a class. 

Must be used within 2 months of purchase.

10 class pass

Purchase 10 classes for £70, working out at £7 a class, a cool 30% saving on drop in prices.

Must be used within 3 months of purchase.

4 classes a month

Commit to your weekly practice by subscribing to 4 classes in a month. That works out as £7.50 a class.

Renews on the same day of the month as purchase is made.



YOGA & REIKI at the Yoga Loft 

with Restore Yoga & Reiki Master Leena Graham

Join us for 2 hours of calming Yoga infused with Reiki energy! 


Workshops draw from slower paced styles of yin and restorative yoga. Long held postures (3-5 mins) encourage release of mind and body tension.


Reiki is a gentle energy method that assists the body’s natural energy flows, allowing the body to find its natural balance and rhythm. Combining a soft and deep practice of yoga with Reiki creates a nurturing environment for mind-body harmony.


The sessions start with a short guided meditation followed by Reiki on each individual as they hold yoga asanas (poses), ending in a longer guided meditation.


Following your journey to relaxation, we invite you to stay for a chat over tea & cakes!